First, we invite you to call us — 562.987.9139. We’d love to hear from you!

Our first step is to email you a detailed client questionnaire that helps us gain a better understanding of your vision ~ to build a new home or remodel your existing. After we’ve received and reviewed your questionnaire, Jeff will call you to discuss your goals and set up an initial design consultation meeting.

Our first meeting will be at your home to discuss in more detail your goals. We prefer all members of the family involved with design decisions be present to get everyone’s opinion up front; minimizing surprises in future meetings. We’ll walk through your property with you and take notes. We’ll then discuss design fees. Typically, for new homes, a fixed fee can be determined, however, remodels are inherently different. Remodels take special considerations based on the existing home’s character and structural system. Space is often limited and special attention in design is important to realize a functional and aesthetic design, blending with the character of your home, while maximizing the space available. The last thing we want is your remodel — well, to look like a remodel! Our goal is to make it look like it was always a part of your home and we were never there… it’s about you, not us.
After our initial meeting, we’ll email you a contract that estimates our fees and outlines the scope of work.

The next step is to begin the research phase. This involves discussions with a city official to determine the boundaries of our goals. “Can we fit a new 3200 square foot home on your lot and still meet the City’s requirements for open space?” or “Can we add a second story on your home that doesn’t exceed the City’s height restrictions?” We do the research for you.

With remodels, our next step is to develop “as-built” plans. This involves us taking measurements and making sketches of your home to create computer drawings. We will use these as a “base” drawing, with which we can design with. If you already have accurate plans of your home, this will help in the development of your project.

The Preliminary Drafting Phase is where the fun begins! Based on our previous meetings and discussions, we will present you a new design of your home that takes into consideration your goals of construction we discussed earlier. We’ll work out the special details and discover how your new design will enhance your living experience.

After we develop and approve the preliminary design, we begin the Construction Documents, or CDs. These are the sets of plans, or “blueprints” that are submitted to the approval agency for a building permit and used to obtain a bid, or “cost of construction,” from one or more contractors. The CDs provide the contractor the recipe for construction. They specify dimensions, finishes, moulding details, lighting locations, and much more. We spend a great deal of time in this phase to prepare a good set of plans. The more detail included in the plans may result in fewer changes in construction. A change in construction may mean added costs to the client.

Please note, adverse field conditions (dry rot or termite damage, poor construction of the existing home, water damage or other) may arise that could not be anticipated during the preparation of the plans, which may result in added construction costs.

Once the Construction Documents are complete, they will be “put out to bid”. One or more contractors will be selected by you to review the plans and provide a detailed cost estimate for construction. We will help you in reviewing the bids and selecting a contractor, however, the final decision is up to you. It’s important to get to know your contractor well, since the next few months of your lives will be with his or her shining face around! Often, the best contractor for your job isn’t the cheapest, but someone you feel most comfortable with. We recommend you hire a Licensed, Bonded contractor that carries Workman’s comp. insurance. We can also provide you a complete Architectural Design and Construction experience; teaming up with a contractor from the beginning. This allows your project to track more smoothly and keep tabs on budget potentially reducing construction change orders. This option is the most cost effective and generally saves time.

While the CDs are out to bid, we submit them to the Building and Planning departments of your jurisdiction. They will review the plans for compliance and provide us comments. After reviewing their comments and making any adjustments necessary, we re-submit the plans for final review. Our Contractor will then pull the building permit once it’s ready.

Groundbreaking! It’s now time to begin construction — or demolition, then construction if we’re remodeling. You and your contractor will be very close for the next few months. Jeannette | Architects is also involved with the construction phase. We are available to answer questions of the contractor and of you, the homeowner and assure the time spent in design, is reflected in construction. If the contractor asks you if something can be changed, please notify us. We can take into consideration how this change may affect other aspects of the project. We, You — the homeowner, and the Contractor are a professional team in the construction of your home.

The Construction Phase can be trying on nerves. Please know that we know this firsthand and can offer our knowledge and comfort through the entire process.