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How This Coastal City Is Preparing Businesses, Residents For Fight Against Climate Change
June 5, 2019

Jeff Jeannette spoke with Bisnow and answered a few questions in regards to climate change.

Jeannette Architects owner Jeff Jeannette has been working with homeowners who live along the waterfront and areas in Long Beach such as Naples, Peninsula and Belmont Shores that could be impacted by the sea level rising due to climate change.

Jeannette said it could cost as much as $30K to $50K to raise a home above the federally required 10 feet above sea level.

“That’s a lot of money but we’re future-proofing,” Jeannette said. “When you look at it long term, it’s much less than if a flood actually happens. That could be $100K worth of damage.”

Jeannette, who is working with the city in preparing residents for climate change, said he is proud of what the city is doing to raise awareness.

“The city is doing a fabulous job,” Jeannette said. “People need to understand what is to come and to make decisions properly with education for their future.”

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