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944 Magazine | Jeannette Home
April 2010

944 Magazine
Home is Where the Art Is
Orange County, California

Three Local Architects Present Their Breathtaking Masterpieces

Take a look around. Whether sitting in an office, relaxing in the bedroom, or dining and wining at
the hottest new restaurant, architecture is everywhere to eat, work, sleep and play amongst. Not a
day goes by without the notion to recognize its everyday relevance, especially when it comes to a
residence. Generally, a house is a place that a person lives in but to these architects, a home is not
only a haven to turn to for shelter and comfort, it’s also a work of art customized to each individual’s
needs and desires. Without forward-thinking architects and their innovative talent of pushing the
boundaries to create smart yet beautiful homes, landscapes would be stale. Thanks to Horst
Noppenberger, Andrew Miller and Jeff Jeannette, however, inspiration is abound.

Jeff Jeannette
CEO/President of Jeannette Architects,

Jeff Jeannette takes all aspects of both style and practicality into consideration by creating
stunningly gorgeous residences while building as eco-friendly as possible. Just take a look at the
project he is most proud of: his own home. After deconstructing the original Long Beach home,
everything was donated and redesigned with efficient heating, formaldehyde-free cabinets,
sustainable-harvested wood floors and solar panels — all to bring his dream house into a reality for
him and his family.

944: What is your inspiration when designing a home?
JEFF JEANNETTE: My inspiration comes from the client, the style of home they desire, the client’s
spatial requirements and the environment in which the home resides. When designing a home, I pay
close attention to the site and how the sun and winds can be used to take advantage of heating or
cooling the home… Beyond that, the home needs to fit the family… I consider myself the pencil that
takes their wishes and puts it to the form of their home.

944: What is the importance of your company and going green?
JJ: It’s important to tread as lightly on the earth as we can. As architects, responsible for the built
environment, we have the opportunity to take this seriously and design as delicately as possible.

944: Tell us about your project on reconstructing your own home.
JJ: My wife, Roberta — also a licensed architect — and I share similar tastes in design style, which
made the process that much more enjoyable. I was able to “be the client” and gain firsthand
knowledge of the process our clients go through…When we designed our home, we decided to
“practice what we preach” with respect to sustainability.

Name of Project: Kelty, named after their pup
City of Project: Belmont Heights, Long Beach
Design Style: Modern
Year Completed: 2006
Favorite Aspect of Project: Its comfort, livability and connection to the outdoors.

Written by: Alice Park