I just want to say how much I appreciate your work. Both my parents have passed away now, but your design of their living space made their last years comfortable and happy. You were able to design it so they had their own space, but with Rhonda and I living in the front we were able to take good care of them. Each were able to spend their last days at home with family (we used hospice care).
Many times people have told us we have the nicest home in the neighborhood.

Kind regards,
John Marikos
Long Beach, CA

Jeff (and his team) did a great job in helping us to remodel our house, creating a plan that matched our vision in every respect. He listened to what we wanted, let us know what wouldn't be realistic and came up with viable alternatives. We enjoy our redesigned house every day. He also assisted us in negotiating some difficult conversations with our contractor. I would highly recommend Jeff.

Carmella Galli / John Feldt
Long Beach, CA

When we hired Jeannette Architects, we weren't sure what we wanted to do with our house, but we knew we needed to fix several problems and we hoped that in the process we’d be able to bring more functionality and design integrity to our home.

Six months ago, we moved back into our fully remodeled home and could not be more pleased with the design and the whole new personality our old home has taken on. It is all we hoped for and so much more — it delights us every day! In fact, we think Jeff Jeannette and his talented team deserve an award for creating the “most transformed home” without adding space or moving walls (though we did remove a few)!

We had seen and admired Jeff’s work in our area where he’d designed many new homes and remodels in a variety of architectural styles. This was key, since we did not know what style we wanted. From our first meeting with Jeff, we found him to be not only creative (we expected that), but also insightful. He has a rare, sensitive client-side manner that is instantly calming and helped instill confidence in us that we could achieve our goals for our remodel. When we struggled with choosing a style, Jeff’s insight to our personal style helped us define the right approach for our home – which turned out to be a warm, beach contemporary. His calm counsel through the more harrowing aspects of a total remodel project made us feel any problem or “surprise” could be dealt with, and they were.

Both my husband and I wanted to be involved in the design process and since Jeff was open to this, it made for a wonderful and satisfying working relationship. We would recommend Jeannette Architects without reservation and would be happy to respond to any inquiries regarding our experience.

Alaine & John Weiss
Naples/Long Beach, CA

I am very impressed with Jeff Jeannette Architects (including Jeff and his team). I purchased an "architectural statement" home that needed serious attention to make it work for my family. I am a stickler for design and normally have a clear vision of what I would hope to see materialize. Jeff took my vision fully utilizing my thoughts and added critical pieces to enhance the aesthetic and ensure safe/secure construction in the plan. I admire and respect his attention to detail.

Outside of the aforementioned, I equally appreciated his professional/calming demeanor (this is a nice man); his knowledge of city code and relationship with the city; and when needed, his attitude to "go the extra mile" to make it happen.

Thank you Jeff and Jeannette Team
Rod Gaeta
Long Beach, CA

Jeff transformed our cramped one-story house into a beautiful two story Craftsman-style beach home. Jeff's vision made use of our small, odd, angular lot and provided our family with a well-designed spacious home. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff and the staff at Jeannette Architects.

Sue & Devin Dunbar
Seal Beach, CA

We want to thank you and your Team for being the amazing architects of our beautiful, custom, single family, LEED Platinum, dream home. Everyone who has seen our home has commented on the beauty of the design, attention to detail, the way it flows, makes great use of space, all the natural light, and that it feels inviting and comfortable.

You and your Team listened carefully to our ideas, asked pertinent questions, and came up with a vision that exceeded our expectations. You are professional, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, enthusiastic, and creative. You and your Team always followed-through, returned phone calls & emails in a prompt manner, were always a pleasure to work with, and were team players: brainstorming as needed with our contractor, interior designer, and ourselves.

When we had ideas you felt were potential mistakes, you were open-minded and objective. You would point out drawbacks or offered alternatives; yet never forced your opinion, guiding us to reach an educated and objective decision. We are grateful for your direction, insight, and good taste.

We enjoyed working with you and learned so much, that we were inspired to build another net zero, LEED Platinum house. We are delighted you will be our Architect again for this project.

Warm regards,
Wayne & Shannon Inouye
LEED Platinum Custom Home, Newport Beach/Corona del Mar, CA

"Jeff and Laura helped us on the first phase of our home remodeling by specifying light fixtures, designing the electrical and providing suggestions on paint colors for our living room and bedroom. The result was a beautiful new interior look of our home, which is exactly what we expected. Jeff is a pleasure to work and always responsive to any questions, no matter the topic. Great service!"

Nino & Alison Adamo
Long Beach, CA
Cliff May Rancho Remodel

"Jeannette Architects proved to be the right choice for our complete remodel. We hired Jeff and his firm after interviewing several other firms and found that Jeff and his firm to be the most accommodating to our specific needs. Besides Jeff being the ultimate professional, listened intently and offered great advice and guidance. We were very nervous going into our remodel since it was our first one and wanted to make sure every detail was covered. Jeff answered that criteria with flying colors. He listens well and his knowledge, ideas and attention to details as well as great suggestions, went beyond the scope of any other architect that my wife and I interviewed. In my book, there is no finer architect out there. We would hire Jeannette Architects again in a heartbeat."

Laura & Robert Raykoff
Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California
Mediterranean Style Change / Complete Remodel

"My wife and I hired Jeannette Architects to assist us with a major remodel (interior/exterior) of our 3,500 sq. ft. ranch style home in Newport Beach. The task: incorporate warm contemporary design into our 1970's "woody cabin." As a real estate developer and because it's our third major house remodel there were many design elements we knew we wanted but many more that we needed help with. As capable as Jeff (Jeannette) is with his design sense, we believe that it's his ability to listen to his clients, understand client goals, how we will live in the space and how that fits into our budget is what sets Jeff apart from other architects. The Jeannette team met aggressive time constraints, produced a thorough set of construction documents, were always quick to provide clarification and answers to our questions and were great resources for product and material options and information. True professionals that we would use again and confidently refer to others. Our project is nearing completion and I can't wait to share photos."

Tyler & Andrea Parks
Dover Shores, Newport Beach, California
Modern Design Remodel

"My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff and his staff on our home remodel project. As fans of modern design, I initially found Jeff via a modern home website. Review Jeff's website demonstrated his versatility, creativity, and design philosophy which led us to initially set up a meeting with him. After meeting with him in person, we both knew that he was the right guy to work with on creating our dream home.

Jeff has great vision, and really understands how homes live, breathe, and interact with their environment and the elements. His best quality however, is that he really wants the home to work for the client, and be what they want it to be. His artistic vision does not get in the way of practicality and the customer's desires. My wife is a designer with very strong opinions on design and layout, and Jeff was professional and confident enough to welcome a collaborative approach to the project. He has been both a great listener and a great teacher.

Jeannette Architects is an extremely organized firm, and their communication with us has been excellent. Jeff is well connected and consultants that he has recommended for various aspects of the design process have all been exceptional.

In short, we could not be happier with Jeff and his staff. The design process has been what it should be…fun. We highly recommend Jeannette Architects and would use them again without hesitation."

Kris & Jake Cornett
Laguna Niguel, California
Modern Design Remodel and Addition

"We've been working with Jeannette Architects on the design of a large scale remodel, including the addition of a subterranean level, overall making the house more efficient while retaining the integrity of the original mid-century design.

Jeff and his staff are knowledgeable about all aspects of this process - they are able to speak from experience, making it much easier for us to make the decisions we need to make. Not only that, but they are easy to communicate with, which has made the whole journey a breeze so far.

One of the things that I've really appreciated about working with Jeff is how easily he caught our vision for our home, from the big picture down to the smaller details. Even as the scope of the project has changed since we first met, he has easily understood and adapted, always willing to work with us. Everyone in his office has been easy to work with, always considerate and ready to be a help."

Chris & Melody Spano
Park Estates, Long Beach, California
Mid Century Modern Style Remodel and Addition

"Jeff and team did an A+ job throughout the entirety of our project. We would absolutely use him again and would absolutely recommend him to our closest friends.

He stuck to schedule and budget, delivered a comprehensive plan that exceeded our expectations, and very importantly flew through the city plan check process. Our contractor commented on the detailed notes and specs that made his life much easier.

Our home turned out to be everything we wanted and has been very well received by our friends and neighbors.

We are also so excited that Jeff was helpful in supporting our green initiatives. It's hard to call any new construction project green, but if you're going to build Jeff is a guy who can help build a home with a lasting legacy. He encouraged us to deconstruct our home, which saved us money and now much of the original home lives on being reused. Our new home which is now over one year old is net-zero on its energy use (100% solar, no gas) and uses a fraction of the water of a traditional home thanks to our greywater system.

Thanks Jeff for all the help with our dream home!"

Gregory & Jenna Morse
Naples, Long Beach, California
Beach Cottage Style New Home

"We found Jeff Jeannette of Jeannette Architects on the internet after seeing pictures on his website displaying his recent projects. A risky maneuver without a referral, but we couldn't have been happier! Jeff was very knowledgeable and patient with us and our many questions during the design process of our new home. We wanted to be "green" where possible and Jeff helped us by explaining available products and things we could work into our plans.
We chose a California Craftsman style Jeff was clever and creative in addressing the spaces we wanted and suggesting terrific ideas that made our new home stand out. Our particular favorite features are the large porches and especially the sleeping porch on the second floor."

Lori & Nick Ward
Torrance, California
Craftsman Style New Home

"Working with Jeff and everyone at Jeannette Architects was a great experience. Jeff really listened to what we wanted and worked with us to design the perfect master suite, laundry room and deck. He and his staff were always available to answer our questions or provide help along the way. Because of Jeff’s hard work and attention to detail we sailed through the permit process, much to our delight. We are so happy with our new room and would highly recommend Jeannette Architects to anyone in need of architectural or design services."

Heather Altman & Boston Toohig
Long Beach, California
Craftsman Style Remodel and Addition

"Your time and guidance for the project has been so helpful and we cannot express how thankful we are. The time that we've spent together has been amazing. Full of creativity and excitement! You are truly creative, patient, and great to work with. You took our hazy dream and transformed it into an extraordinary work of art…a cozy, fully functional, master retreat. Thank you! Thank you!"

Kris & Renny Chu
Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, California
Remodel / Design

"We are so happy with the flow of our house layout. Jeff listened to our needs and designed a beautiful house that fits our family perfectly"

Lori, Garry and Corrina Hofer
Seal Beach, California
Beach Style New Home

"Jeff really took the time to incorporate our tastes and lifestyle into the design of our home. Jeff's talent for space planning is apparent is every aspect of our home. After living in our home for two years, we wouldn't change a thing"

Lois & Joe Wangsness
Naples, Long Beach, California
Beach Craftsman Style Remodel and Addition

"We have been very happy with our relationship with the whole team at Jeannette Architects. Our objective was to add on to our home to create and independent dwelling for my husband’s aging parents and to renovate our existing home. We had some ideas of what we wanted and for as many times as we needed Jeff sat with us patiently listening to our needs and wants. We always felt comfortable, and in the end, he created a plan that more than lived up to our expectations. Without any apparent seams, the entire home is now much more livable and fits the needs our whole family. Virtually everyone who enters comments on the details to both the interior and exterior design. The natural lighting, exterior views, storage space, and the flow between the old and new portions of the house are just perfect. We are very pleased."

John and Rhonda Marikos and family
Long Beach, California
Traditional Style Remodel and Addition

"It was a pleasure working with you over the last few years - thank you for such a beautiful home for us. We are extremely happy with the results!"

Sue and Devin Dunbar
Seal Beach, California
Beach Craftsman Style Remodel and Addition

"We decided to build a new home. On recommendation of a neighbor, we interviewed Jeff Jeannette as on of several architects. We were both impressed that Jeff really listened to us, understood and carefully considered our ideas. Construction commenced and Jeff was always available for phone consultation and site visits. The Construction of our home is now complete and we could not be happier with it. We are very proud of our home. This would not have been possible without Jeff's plans and help. We salute and commend Jeannette Architects for a job very well done"

Don and Wendy First
Naples, Long Beach, California
Mediterranean Style New Home